It Happened by Chance


Some of life’s greatest advancements have happened by chance. The latest such advancement discovered by chance is the TRIOXINATORTM. The TRIOXINATORTM was originally created by the world's foremost, natural anti-aging mentor and Follicles founder RJ Conn, RHN as a relaxation technique for stress at his Wellness Clinic in 2005. Immediately his clients told him that not only was it helping with stress but it was also reducing the signs of hair loss. Upon further review he learned that the global hair enhancement industry annually spends up to $10 Billion in hope of finding results like what the TRIOXINATORTM produces. For 3 1/2 years after the TRIOXINATOR'STM creation he completed over 500 case studies and had a success rate of over 95% at reducing the signs of hair loss using the TRIOXINATORTM and his proprietary technique.


Introducing The Trioxinator


The Ultimate Hair Rejuvenator

Many men and women are now choosing the TRIOXINATORTM as the best solution for their aesthetic hair loss problems. Defying the signs of aesthetic hair loss is a notable and visual result that you will see. We are committed to educating and improving the lives of all those affected by aesthetic hair loss due to male/female pattern baldness and we need you to help us.



In their own words - Click to read pdf files

A.J. - Arthritis.pdf
B.D - Stretchmarks.pdf
D.P - Hair, razor burn gone, fine lines.pdf
M.P - Pain, stress, sleep.pdf
Pain, stress, sleep, wrinkles.pdf

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What others are saying . . .

“Bald spot filling, hair is thicker, changing colour and becoming darker.” - Robert

“There is a colour change, new darker hairs are growing in.” - Jason

“It makes me more confident. It is easier talking with people.” - Leslie

“I feel like my hair now has given me a lift and I feel alive.” - Laverna

“I’ve become more comfortable with my extremely short hair.” - Marjorie

“Texture of my hair has improved and area of baldness has narrowed.” - Ricky

“I notice more hair growth.” - Wayne

“My hair is fuller.” - David

“My hair feels thicker in the shower when washing it, noticed less fall-out.” - Greg

"Who wants to look bald or thinning? NOBODY! Follicles turned all that around for me." - Lois B.

Noticed most improvement in “My attitude.”
- Alexis

“I’m not as self-conscious about my thin areas.”
- Nicky